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More About Your Estate Plan

The revocable living trust is the basic building block of most estate plans. It’s the tool that allows your estate to avoid the expense, time consumption, and uncertainty of probate court, and it is the tool that can hold just about any of your assets. While revocable

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Election Year Antics

Welcome to politics in 2012! Did you sign up for what we’re getting in America? In many ways, nobody is happy with the landscape. Most of us—Independents, Democrats, and Republicans alike—are unhappy (or even disgusted) with politics in general. It’s at the point of being most disgruntled,

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Three Reasons for Having a Living Trust

There are a multitude of reasons to have a living trust. We can’t begin to cover them all, but we will touch on three reasons very briefly here.   Reason #1: Protecting Property for Certain Beneficiaries   When most of us think about estate planning, we think

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A Hypothetical, But It Does Happen

Today we’re going to discuss a situation that happens all the time. It’s a situation that almost nobody thinks about, unless you’re an estate planning attorney, but it does occur often enough to talk about. Consider the following hypothetical: A woman, let’s call her Elizabeth, has passed

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The Ins and Outs of a Qualified Personal Residence Trust

The possibility of facing estate taxes has left many people looking for ways to minimize the tax burden on their heirs. Trusts… Annual gifts… Charitable donations… These are just a few of the estate planning tools available to design your estate in such a way that you

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The Family Business Succession Plan; An Important Piece of the Estate Planning Puzzle

Do you own a family business? If so, you have plenty of company. More than 90% of U.S. businesses are family businesses. Out of the Fortune 500, 150 are family businesses. Now, would you like to hear some really startling statistics? Only 30% of family businesses will

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