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I recently received the designation of Creative Business Lawyer™.  So what does this mean for you and your business? if you are a business owner or are looking to start a business – or if you know someone in either of those positions this is very important.  Why?  Because it’s an approach to business formation where counsel walks alongside you as the business owner to help you make the best decisions for your company – to help, not hinder, in a proactive way.  And, contrary to the typical relationship with a business lawyer, this relationship is not based on time.  No “billable hour.”

What drives a Creative Business Lawyer’s™ passion for what we do?  And the best way to understand it is to share with you the Creative Business Lawyer™ manifesto.


Creative Business Lawyers™ believe:

  1. Our job is to help business owners reach their goals, not stand in the way.
  2. Our job is to help business owners understand and manage risk, not eliminate it.  Risk is what makes life and business fun and worth living.
  3. People and relationships are ultimately more important to the success of a business than documents and numbers, but magic is made when they all work together.
  4. Hourly fees impair relationships, service, and trust.
  5. We must strive to earn the honored description of “Trusted Advisor.” It is better to be a “Trusted Advisor” than a “Hired Gun.”
  6. People were not meant to live/work in cubicles.
  7. The spark of creativity and entrepreneurism exists in every human.
  8. Everyone is worthy of respect.
  9. Our clients know more about themselves and their companies than we do.
  10. The right Trusted Advisor can see and help people move through entrepreneurial and personal blocks.
  11. People generally have a positive motivation for their actions and actions taken from this perspective add to the world.
  12. There is more value in problem definition than in problem solution.
  13. Creative micro-businesses are the future of the world.
  14. Simple solutions are better than complex strategies.
  15. All disputes and conflicts can be solved with creativity.

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