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Five Strategies For Paying For College When Money Is Tight

Everyone knows how important it is to have a college degree… As a parent, you know that providing your children with a college education is one of the best things you can do to ensure their future. Yet, in a recent Gallup poll, 70% of the parents

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Your Estate Planning Checklist

The death of a parent… Medical issues… Birth of a child… A milestone birthday… Any of these events can trigger the urge to put your affairs in order and plan your estate. One of the best things you can for your loved ones is to leave them

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The Ins and Outs of a Qualified Personal Residence Trust

The possibility of facing estate taxes has left many people looking for ways to minimize the tax burden on their heirs. Trusts… Annual gifts… Charitable donations… These are just a few of the estate planning tools available to design your estate in such a way that you

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Two Percent Can Go a Long Way

You may not have noticed it but your paycheck has increased by two percent (2%). The 2010 Tax Relief Act (H.R. 4853) extended some of the current tax rates and it also reduced the Social Security payroll tax by two percent for 2011. As unimpressive as 2%

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What If?

Most people start the process of estate planning to deal with “What If”. What If you died and your children were still too young to care for themselves? What If you were no longer physically able to care for yourself? What If you had very specific instructions

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Are You Really Retirement Ready?

Playing a round of golf whenever you want… Traveling to those exotic destinations you’ve always dreamed of… Spending precious time with grandchildren… Those are all the things most of us think of when we think of retirement. But being ready to retire means more than just reaching

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The Ins and Outs of Global Giving

Earthquakes… Tsunamis… Typhoons… We watch in horror as these natural disasters and the human suffering they bring unfold before our eyes. And we want to help… We reach for our cell phones to text a donation to the Red Cross… Or we reach for our credit card

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Proactive Medicaid Planning – A Smart Move for Your Family’s Future

You’ve met with an attorney, set up a trust and you can breathe a sigh of relief. Your work is done, right? Unfortunately not. Aging brings with it the potential for loss of personal freedom as well as the potentially devastating financial cost of elder care. Depending

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The Family Business Succession Plan; An Important Piece of the Estate Planning Puzzle

Do you own a family business? If so, you have plenty of company. More than 90% of U.S. businesses are family businesses. Out of the Fortune 500, 150 are family businesses. Now, would you like to hear some really startling statistics? Only 30% of family businesses will

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Estate Planning Trends to Watch Out For

The number of issues that can have an adverse effect on your estate plan can be overwhelming… Even the best laid plans can be rendered null and void by one piece of legislation. If you have an estate plan in place and you haven’t looked at it

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