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Planning For More Than Money

Last night my son and I sat down for our nightly, pre-bedtime tradition—corn chips and a bowl of La Herdez salsa. Every night when he senses bedtime approaching, he will look up at me and ask for chips and salsa, and, although this is pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things, I love the small moment we have to bond over our chips and salsa. These experiences have reminded me that our lives are so much more than our money, assets, and possessions. It’s these simple moments with a son, daughter, mother, father, brother, or sister that truly enrich our lives and provide us with a lasting legacy. One of my goals as a Personal Family Lawyer® is to provide clients planning documents that not only properly care for their assets but that provide their children, families, and friends with a legacy of values and beliefs my clients stood for during their lives. It is about passing on the individual not just the money. To accomplish this, VIP members sit down with me in a “priceless conversation” where we discuss their legacy, family, heroes, treasures, wisdom, wishes, etc. This conversation is recorded and provided to the client in both written and recorded formats so their legacy will pass on to their heirs. Priceless conversations are a wonderful opportunity to preserve all aspects of your legacy with the rising generations. I think all of wish that we could have preserved a part of a loved one lost rather than received a check. If you want to sit down and discuss legacy planning  through priceless conversations, give me a call.

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